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Diving Beyond Barriers

Diving Beyond BarriersA life-threatening motorcycle accident has been the trigger for an innovative concept that provides diving experiences for people with significant disabilities.

Managing Director of Determined to Dive, Peter Wilson, was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2007, which left him fighting for life. While recovering he reflected on all of the things he had not experienced in his life, and one of them was diving – Determined to Dive was born.

Determined to Dive provides a controlled scuba experience to people living with a range of disabilities, including paraplegia and quadriplegia.

The sessions are held in hydrotherapy or general swimming pools and, importantly, all sessions take place following appropriate medical clearance.

Peter said that being in a weightlessness environment really opens up a whole new world for participants.

Diving Beyond Barriers“Some of our participants have demonstrated a wide range of abilities – some like to sit back and relax while blowing bubbles, others love doing somersault after somersault,” he said.

“The weightlessness environment opens up a whole new world of opportunities for our participants, and we encourage them to find out what this means for them.”

LSA scheme participant Richard Davis recently enjoyed a session at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre with Determined to Dive, and said the feeling of freedom was by far the best part for him.

“It was an awesome feeling of freedom, being able to do whatever I wanted in any position,” he said.

“The fact that 90% of the time I am sitting, and if not I’m lying down, being under water there is no restriction on what I could do. There is a fun aspect to the experience but for me the best part was the freedom.”

You can read more about Determined to Dive on their website.

Image – above right and below: LSA scheme participant Richard Davis (blue) with Determined to Dive instructor (red).

Diving Beyond Barriers


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